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Anna Benson, wife of Pirates pitcher Kris Benson, talks about one of sport's oldest taboos: pre-game sex.

PLAYER Magazine

April 2004

Since this story ran in PLAYER, Benson was traded to the Baltimore Orioles.


Not the kind Pete Rose faces but ones that are far more personal. The wife of Pittsburgh Pirate ace Kris Benson has made it her mission to take on one of sport's oldest taboos: No sex before a game.

"I hate it.There's no scientific proof that sex is going to hurt your pitching performance,"says Anna.

But she's fighting an uphill battle that dates back decades. Advocates of abstaining prior to competition are legion and range from trainers to coaches to athletes.

But Anna persists.

"Each player has his own ritual, and Kris's is no sex when he pitches. It pisses me off because if you tell me I can't have something then that just makes me want it more.I like having sex with Kris. We've had some pretty nasty fights over this issue."

Believe it or not, this Georgia peach is the mother of three children.

The upside to her personal crusade is that she believes she has found the cure to the curse facing every pro athlete's wife: groupies. Her simple solution: sex.

"Sex is healthy and wonderful," Anna says. "And we like it. But we do it with each other, and we stay within the promises we made when we were married."

Sex is not only healthy for the Bensons, it's also a personal adventure, one that Kris and Anna don't mind talking about.

"If what we have to say helps other couples, then that's a good thing,"Anna says.
So what do the Bensons do to keep their sex life so exciting? Pretty much whatever they feel like.

"We like video taping ourselves while having sex,"Anna says."It's a lot of fun making sex tapes. We share them only with each other. I mean, what guy doesn't want to videotape himself and his woman having sex? All men want to."

Another of the couple's aphrodisiacs is phone sex.

"Every time Kris goes out of town,one of the first things we do is get on the phone and have phone sex. It's still the two of us. The only difference is a phone and a movie going on."

Then, of course, there is the more obvious solution.

"Sometimes I'll fly to whatever city where the Pirates are playing, and if Kris isn't pitching then we have sex."

These road trips are a part of a nationwide quest for the couple.

"We want to christen every city that Kris has played in during his professional career," Anna says. "We have a ways to go,but that's something we want to do. We haven't even done it at the new stadium in Pittsburgh [PNC Park], but I'm sure we'll get that done."

The Pirates'old home, legendary Three Rivers Stadium, was site of one of the couple's more bizarre encounters.

"We hadn't had sex for a few days so we got into the back seat of our SUV in the parking lot at Three Rivers and while we were doing it fans were beating on the windows," Anna says.

The vehicle had tinted windows so the Bensons continued their business.

"We finished screwing then Kris got out and greeted the fans. Hell, I'm not stopping sex with my man so some overzealous fan can have an autograph!"

And no matter how much energy he may exert during the game, Kris knows he has a follow-up performance when he steps off the field.

"After Kris has pitched in a game, we're usually half naked before we get home and then we get after it. We've even pulled over and had sex on the way home."

So the next time you see Kris Benson giving it his all on the mound for the Pirates, remember ... his night is still very young.

I love Anna! She is great! She is very sexual, but also a very intelligent woman who has helped in negotiating Kris' contracts. She is also very interested in helping those less fortunate than herself. She has donated countless hours and money to children's needs and other charities. But Anna is also Anna. I met her at a party and she was a riot, full of energy and not shy about anything.

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